My Kpop Fandom Update- Treasure! March 8, 2024

Send help. I thought Boy’s Planet and Zerobaseone was bad enough, but I have a new problem. Well, 12 new problems to be specific.

My sister has been in her self proclaimed Treasure Era, and I’ve been infected by her love for them. Being a Teume (side note- their fandom name is so hard to remember 😐 ), she of course heard about their new dating show… which is a whole other conversation we need to have. Also, there’s Treasure’s two or three web dramas. Naturally curious, I decided to watch their web drama, The Mysterious Class. Eight episodes, twenty minutes each. You can find this show on youtube, and I was able to binge it in one or two days (I’m a busy person!!!). Of course, this made me fall head over heels for them. I went through so many emotions during that show- legitimately the closest I have come to crying over a show in a while. It’s legitimately such a good show, and they’re all great actors. Everything about it is professional, and I enjoyed all of it. 

After The Mysterious Class, we have the drastically different 20 minute drama: It’s Okay, It’s Friendship. In case we forgot and thought it was a romance. It consists of three FRIENDSHIP triangles, and is so funny- literally had me rolling on the floor laughing. 

By the time I was watching the dating show, I was all in. I have three or four biases- the japan line. In order I like Asahi, Yoshi, Haruto, and Mashiho. I like Asahi because he’s so weird and funny but also cute. Yoshi is so funny, and also a cutie. Haruto was so good in the Mysterious Class, and Mashiho is also a cutie. I’m not a super fan, I wouldn’t even say I stan Treasure, but I really think they’re funny, and Treasure Map, their show, is one of the better idol group shows I’ve seen. I don’t really like their music, though. I can’t say I remember their songs, since the YG sound is pretty repetitive. Darari is a standout, though, and was one of my first Kpop songs. I was obsessed with that song. Treasure is definitely one of the groups that I like for their personality. Also, and I going crazy, or does Yoshi look like Suga from BTS and Lee Know from Stray Kids????

I really wish YG did more with them, they desperately need a new comeback and actual good music. 

Overall, this is just a kind of update on what I’ve been up to, groups I’ve been getting into. I think my next project is TWS, since I actually like their music (shade to YG). I also think I’m going to have a more serious post coming in a couple weeks, but I think it should be really interesting.

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